BART—BayArea ART! Objective: to discover local artists and to build a community that can collectively gain exposure Prerequisites: open to anyone currently living in the bay  ~~~~~ Ideally, the magazine will feature artists of all types (ie: painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, jewelers, ANY ART) I envision the magazine to have different sections for each type of artist. I encourage for participating artists to include a little written portion to introduce themselves and talk a little about their art and inspiration. Volumes of BART zine will not be sold for profit, zines will be priced at the cost of production and fulfillment per unit.The theme for the first volume is mood! We have closed submissions for the first volume since announcing it on...

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Introducing: PROJECTS <3

Art is everything and everywhere. Every day we wake up is another opportunity to appreciate the beauty in the world we live in. Being the creative and emotional creatures that we are, we constantly crave for outlets of expression. Unfortunately, busy lives, lack of motivation, shitty emotions, and whatever else can cause us to lose sight of our creativity. Some have lost it so long ago, they no longer deem themselves creative. That said, we are proud to introduce PROJECTS. Ultimately the goals of these projects are to: encourage people to make art & expression a priority in their lives connect & inspire creative individuals all around the world build a creative community admire diversity in thought, culture, & community Each project will be different and will have different themes,...

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