Introducing: PROJECTS <3

Art is everything and everywhere. Every day we wake up is another opportunity to appreciate the beauty in the world we live in. Being the creative and emotional creatures that we are, we constantly crave for outlets of expression. Unfortunately, busy lives, lack of motivation, shitty emotions, and whatever else can cause us to lose sight of our creativity. Some have lost it so long ago, they no longer deem themselves creative.

That said, we are proud to introduce PROJECTS. Ultimately the goals of these projects are to:

  1. encourage people to make art & expression a priority in their lives
  2. connect & inspire creative individuals all around the world
  3. build a creative community
  4. admire diversity in thought, culture, & community

Each project will be different and will have different themes, goals, and guidelines. So if you don't see one within your niche yet, don't give up! We will be adding more projects as life goes on :o)

If you have any suggestions for future projects, please leave a comment below or send us a message.


This has been something I've wanted to do long before INSOMANIAC Art&Attire, LLC was incorporated. However, I let the lack of self-esteem, resources, and motivation get to the best of me. I still am unsure of how these will go, but now that I am in better standing I'm willing to give it a shot anyway. Please be patient with the progression of these projects, I promise I'm trying my best <3

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