Objective: to discover local artists and to build a community that can collectively gain exposure

Prerequisites: open to anyone currently living in the bay 


Ideally, the magazine will feature artists of all types (ie: painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, jewelers, ANY ART) I envision the magazine to have different sections for each type of artist. I encourage for participating artists to include a little written portion to introduce themselves and talk a little about their art and inspiration. Volumes of BART zine will not be sold for profit, zines will be priced at the cost of production and fulfillment per unit.

The theme for the first volume is mood! We have closed submissions for the first volume since announcing it on our Instagram page. However, if you feel strongly about being included in the first volume or would like more details about this project, please email me at:

Donations towards production are gratefully accepted and will ultimately help expedite the entire process <3 Any donations made can go a long way for this project. Each and every donor is not only supporting this project and magazine, but every single artist involved. All donors of over $10 will be featured as a sponsor in our magazine ☺ More information about donations and further volumes will be posted here and on IG very soon.

In the meantime, please show some love and follow @bart.zine on IG to stay updated with this project. Also, please please please DM us any artwork that you'd like to be posted and we'll do so with a link to your account :o)


DISCLAIMER: I'm hella pumped that so many of you guys are down and I will try my best to include as many people as possible. BUT please be patient with me, idk what I'm doing...I just really like art and wanna support all of you who are creating it. Please try to be timely with submissions and communication with me, I can't guarantee that you'll be included if you miss a deadline and/or go MIA. & I might also affiliate this with INSOMANIAC. Eh, idk yet. Either way, everyone's gotta sign a release form before it goes into production. I promise to keep all of you updated!!!!! Thank you for making art <3


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